A brief history of The Perchfishers, and the current committee

The Early Years

The Perchfishers’ Club, the forerunner to The Perchfishers, was a short-lived club in existence in the late 1960s. At that time, Richard Walker said “I’m delighted to hear of the formation of the Perchfishers’ Club. I wish its members every success, and if they have it they’ll deserve it. They’ve chosen a fish that will tax their ingenuity to the utmost.” (Richard Walker, Anglers World, January 1968).

Steve Burke and Shaun Simpson

Soon after, the perch disease hit and very few anglers bothered to fish for perch. There were three small groups of anglers fishing Bewl Bridge Reservoir in Kent for specimen perch, unbeknown to each other. It was some time later that Steve Burke and Peter Rogers were introduced to each other. The Perchfishers was born from initial conversations between Steve and Peter, and Pete Garvan. The three groups that fished at Bewl formed the core of The Perchfishers, initially on an informal basis until they were sure there was sufficient interest to sustain the group.

Bob James and Archie Braddock

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President – Des Taylor

Vice presidents –
Archie Braddock, Bob James and John McAngus

The Perchfishers Committee are:

Who's who in the photos

Top left – Steve Burke presents a trophy to Shaun Simpson at an AGM
Bottom left – Bob James, Alan Ball and Archie Braddock

Top right – Fred J Taylor, former Group President

Bottom right – John Wilson, former Group President

Formal Launch of the Group

It is Peter Rogers who must be credited for being the driving force behind the group’s formation. This was the time the club was formally launched with the appointment of serving officers. Bob Wheeler was the first secretary before being repleced by Stewart Allum. Steve Burke took on the role of magazine editor, Pete Rogers, was Records Office and was also responsible for the design and production of the group’s magazine, and Drew Young was Scientific Officer. Fred J Taylor became honorary President, occupying this role for many years.

Fred J Taylor

The Group went through a turbulent time in 1998 with a massive drop in membership including resignations from many of the committee. In 1999, a extraordinary general meeting was held when the continued existence of the group hung in the balance. Gradually things settled down under the direction of new Group Chairman Dave Cowley and President John Wilson. Over more recent times the Group’s membership increased to 60 plus and some of the past and present better known members include Leigh Moffatt, John Watson, Archie Braddock, Bob Buteux, Matt Hayes, Len Head and Ken Brown to name just a few.

John Wilson