Constitution of The Perchfishers


To further the knowledge of perch as a species, and of methods and locations for its capture, with special emphasis on large specimens. To do this by the sharing of knowledge and fishing in a true spirit of sportsmanship and friendship with all members of The Perchfishers.


Membership shall be open to all who satisfy the committee of their willingness and ability to contribute actively in furthering the objectives of the group, and meeting the criteria of membership, as contained in the Constitution of The Perchfishers. The election of members shall be at the sole discretion of the committee.

Members are required to fulfil the following essentials of membership:

Membership Requirements:

  • Report all perch caught weighing two pounds or over on forms provided by the Records Officer, and according to his schedule.
  • Write a minimum of one article per year for the group magazine.
  • Actively invite other members of the group to share perch fishing trips to local ‘target’ waters (where rules permit guests) in the interest of sharing knowledge and experience, and increasing the mutual chances of success with big perch.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting – or advise the Honorary Secretary in advance with a reason for not being able to attend.
  • Promote the good name of The Perchfishers in a positive manner at all times.

Membership is on an annual basis only. Failure to comply with any requirement of membership set out in the Constitution of The Perchfishers, without an expressed valid reason, may result in renewal of an annual membership being refused at the discretion of the committee. The decision of the committee shall be considered final.

A refusal to renew an annual membership shall be given to the member in writing by the Honorary Secretary on behalf of the committee. Any renewal subscription shall be returned.

Officers of the Group

A committee elected annually at the AGM shall comprise of the following officers:

Perchfishers’ Committee

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Records Officer
  • Magazine Editor
  • Website Manager
  • Scientific Officer

During the year, the committee may appoint other members to the committee as required, until the next AGM when all committee members will be subject to re-election or replacement. The committee shall have the management of the group, control of its finances and property, and to carry out the objectives of the group. In the absence of a full committee at meetings, any four committee members shall constitute a quorum.

The President, Vice Presidents (Honorary Retired Presidents) and Life Members (recognition of outstanding service to the group) are honorary positions proposed by the committee and confirmed by vote of the membership at an AGM.


The precise date, time and venue of the Spring AGM shall be determined by the committee and notified to all members at least 3 months in advance.

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at the request of any five members of the group stating their reasons in writing. An agenda must be provided to the Secretary. The precise date, time and venue of an EGM shall be determined by the committee and advised to all members without unreasonable delay.

AGMs and EGMs are open to bona fide members of The Perchfishers only.


One auditor for the group shall be appointed at the AGM for the following year. Their role will be to audit the accounts prepared by the Treasurer. The auditor shall be appointed independent of The Perchfishers membership.


Voting is open to all members by a show of hands at meetings. The Constitution of The Perchfishers shall only be authorised by a 2/3rds majority of those in attendance at an AGM or EGM. The vote of the elected Chairman is a casting vote only.


The annual subscription shall be such an amount as agreed at the AGM, upon a proposal from the Treasurer. New members entering the group during the year will be charged the full amount and provided with back issues of the years’ magazines and newsletters.

The annual renewal subscription must be paid to the Treasurer with 14 days following the date of the AGM. Failure to do so, without an expressed valid reason, may result in immediate cancellation of the membership.


Should the conduct of any member be considered by the committee to be injurious to the interests of the group, or likely to bring disrepute, or the member failing in his or her obligations to the group as contained in the Constitution of The Perchfishers, they are empowered to expel the member from the group. In the event of expulsion, no refund of subscription shall be given to the expelled member.

Communication with the Media

No member shall represent The Perchfishers to the media other than the elected Secretary or Press Officer. Published personal opinion about The Perchfishers, by a member, which is adverse in nature, may be injurious to the group as a whole and should be avoided.

Magazines and Newsletters

The committee shall use its best endeavours to compile a magazine twice a year, or more regularly, at their discretion, which will be sent to all members. Newsletters will be sent to all members at appropriate intervals. All material published in group publications shall remain the copyright of the individual contributors.