The Perchfishers have written two highly acclaimed books, 'The Book of the Perch' and ‘The Biggest Fish of All’.

‘The Book of the Perch’

The first Perchfishers’ book, ‘The Book of the Perch’, was published in 1990, edited by Steve Burke and Pete Rogers. John Bailey wrote the forward describing the book as ‘inspirational’ and ‘definitive’. The ‘Book of the Perch’ was regarded as the most authoritative book on perch and perch fishing published at the time. The first book from The Perchfishers has become a collectable and sought after book.

‘The Book of the Perch’ is divided into twelve parts, each of which begins with a specially commissioned, beautiful line drawing by Luke Bedson. The book comprises 33 essays in total and, collectively, they add up to several lifetimes of experience.

Title: The Book of the Perch
Editors: Peter Rogers and Steve Burke
Publisher: The Oxford Illustrated Press, Somerset
Year of publication: 1990
Format: Dark green hardcover with dark green and gold pictoral dust wrapper
Pages: 215
ISBN: 1-85509-211-5

The book includes sections on locations and tactics (for small streams, drains and canals, large rivers, lakes and ponds, gravel pits and reservoirs), baits and lures (livebaits, deadbaits, natural baits and artificial baits) and various special waters.

The book lists all perch caught over 4lb, both authenticated and reliable captures and some which are more questionable. This record of large perch caught was continued and updated in the ‘The Biggest Fish of All’.

Top angling writers who contributed to the book were Fred J Taylor, Len Head, Archie Braddock, Vic Bellars, Tony Miles, Barrie Rickards, John Wilson and Ken Whitehead to name but a few.

Books From The Perchfishers
The Biggest Fish of All front cover

‘The Biggest Fish Of All’

This limited edition book was produced to celebrate the group’s 25th anniversary. ‘The Biggest Fish of All’ is the most comprehensive work on modern day perch fishing covering techniques, waters, the science of the perch, as well as catch records spanning the last 25 years.

Title: The Biggest Fish of All
Editors: John McAngus, Tony Meers, Richard Chanderman and Mick Stevens
Publisher: Harper Fine Angling Books, Norfolk
Year of publication: 2011
Formats: Green leatherbound in red slipcase and dark green hardcover with pictoral dust wrapper
Pages: 371

The forward was written by Bob James and chapters include the history of big perch, planning a big perch campaign, a ‘hands-on’ chapter showing how a newcomer to perch fishing or to an area of the country can set about finding and catching big perch. The approaches of the most successful anglers in the Perchfishers are documented.

Chapters have been prepared on many waters including the Thames, the Upper Great Ouse, the Kennet, the Trent, the Derbyshire Derwent and Tring reservoirs. In addition, commercial venues, and perch fishing in Ireland and abroad feature. The book also includes a truly unique collection of perch art.

The book closes with look at The Perchfishers, past and present. This lovely chapter starts with an account from co-founder Pete Rogers, in which he describes the early days of the group. This chapter also celebrates the contributions of members including the late Leigh Moffat, Roger Standen and Fred J Taylor. Other famous past and present members to feature in the book include John Wilson, Peter Wheat, Peter Frost and Bob Buteux.